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Maybe's story

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nadia and I will tell you about the story of my horse. I realized the dream of my life by buying myself a magnificent black Quarter Horse called, Maybe. At the beginning of October 2015, I noticed that my horse had a very tiring little cough. I called a vet and after a thorough examination he prescribed cortisone treatment by muscle injection. After a month of treatment, Maybe started coughing even harder and was losing weight.

I decided to have the vet come a second time for another evaluation. We agreed to give him a cortisone treatment, but by oral powder. After the end of the 10-day treatment, my horse showed no improvement. 

So I decided to try the long-term injection, which usually works on the majority of horses. There were no results following the injection: always the same symptoms present and increasingly strong.

Finally, I brought my horse to the Veterinary Hospital in St-Hyacinthe in February 2016. After examinations, we diagnosed a severe breath. The results indicated that Maybe had 59% neutrophils in her lungs. They advised me to use a hay steamer or give him cubed hay. I chose the steamer option because I didn't really like the idea of cubed hay. Everything was fine for almost 2 months, but after that her cough came back as before. The seizures were stronger. I couldn't ride my horse anymore because he couldn't breathe normally. I did not know what to do.

Discouraged, I decided to send a cry from the heart on Facebook to share my situation and find solutions. That's when a friend told me about Nutri-Foin.

On May 3, 2016, I contacted Danielle and Serge, designers of the Nutri-Foin system. They welcomed me with open arms to help me care for him. As Maybe had been on a 40-day course of cortisone for a week, the veterinarian advised to gradually reduce the treatment over a week and to stop it and let the Nutri-Foin act. After 2 days of Nutri-Foin, Maybe completely stopped coughing. From that moment, we never heard him cough again!

After two weeks of Nutri-Foin, his hair, which was in a pitiful state, became shiny and silky again. The more the weeks passed, the more his condition improved. He was starting to gain weight again and his breath was becoming less jerky again. So we decided at that time to put him back to work.

In August 2016, we returned to the St-Hyacinthe Veterinary Hospital to have him reassessed. After examinations and tests, we are informed that the neutrophils in Maybe's lungs have decreased by more than half: he was down to 22% neutrophils and no longer showed any clinical signs.

In December 2016, a third visit to the St-Hyacinthe Veterinary Hospital tells us that Maybe has returned to normal neutrophil levels. A healthy horse is between 1% and 5% neutrophils, and Maybe was at 4%. So Maybe has regained her health!


My Maybe’s recovery and health is part of the miracles achieved with the Nutri- Foin System.

Nadia Bertin-Leblanc

Maybe when he arrives

Maybe after a few weeks of Nutri-Hay

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