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E-Star Ranch is owner of Nutri-Foin System, the only process neutralizing dust and allergens contained in the hay, which are in largely responsible for lung problems in horses).

This exclusive process makes it possible to restore breathability of hay to optimize the physiological state of your horse


Find out how the Nutri-Foin system dramatically improves the health and well-being of horses suffering from lung problems and lung diseases (such as breath, RAO, COPD and equine asthma).

What is Nutri-Foin System?

Nutri-Foin System is a machine that uses a patented process to integrate a neutralizing agent based on 100% natural soybean oil into the fiber of the hay. This process neutralizes dust and respirable allergens and adds nutritional value to your hay.

Nutri-Foin System is the only solution offering a solution 
100% naturalclinically provenand in respect with the physiology of the horse in order to bring the horses as close as possible to what the nature has to offer them.

Nutri-Foin System Machine

Nutri-Foin System Neutralizer

Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 8.06.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 8.06.38 AM.png

The benefits of Nutri-Foin:

  • Neutralizes dust and allergens partly responsible for lung problems

  • Improves the energy supply of your hay

  • Improves forage digestibility

  • Hay can be stored for several days

  • A starch-free food source that may decrease the risk of colic

  • Process without water without steam

  • Fast - processes hay in less than 15 minutes

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