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Nutri-Foin System in a few simple steps


  • Set the main switch to position (1);

  • Put 350 to 400 ml of neutralizer in the dispenser;

  • Introduce the hay through the top porthole 2 patties at a time;

  • Position the selector towards the timer and adjust the timer to 11 minutes for soft hay or 13 minutes for coarser hay;

  • Open the neutralizer dispenser;

  • Wait for the timer to stop the machine;

  • Slide the exit door up;

  • Position the selector towards the emptying button and press the button to empty the machine;

The neutralizer:
Nutri-Foin System uses as a neutralizer a 100% natural cold-pressed soybean oil, bound to hay during the entirely mechanical process of Nutri-Foin System.

Having undergone no chemical treatment, the neutralizer retains all its nutritional qualities in terms of vitamins and minerals (including omega 6 and 3 and vitamin E)

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