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E Star Ranch has over 20 years


in the service of horses

E Star Ranch is owner of Nutri-Foin System, a technology that neutralizes dust and allergens contained in hay. This exclusive patented and clinically proven process restores the breathability of hay to optimize the physiological state of your horse.

Who are we?

Qui sommes nous?

Eric St-Arnaultis a horseman who makes a difference through his skills and knowledge in the equestrian world. With great ease in communicating and his very great ability to transmit his knowledge, he firmly believes that each horse and each person who handles them has their own needs depending on a multitude of factors! Having witnessed the results of Nutri-Foin on many horses around him and having the health of horses at heart, he wants to share the benefits with other horse owners.


Sophie Dubois is a horse riding enthusiast. Having herself a horse diagnosed with advanced asthma, Sophie decides to turn to Nutri-Foin technology, under the recommendations of her veterinarian, to finally find THE solution that will forever change her life and that of her horse Jasper. In just a few days, she sees the many benefits of this technology. Today, she wishes to share this discovery with all horse owners, in order to offer them a better quality of life and above all to be able to enjoy the moments spent with their equine friends.



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