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You have questions ? Book a consultation online.

Have you listened to one of our training videos and have questions? Do you need help with your horse and don't have time to wait for our visit to your area?

We offer 30 and 60 minute one-on-one online consultations with Éric St-Arnault who will take the time with you to understand the specifics of your situation and give you advice tailored specifically to your needs.


How it works?

To be able to book coaching, you must book the consultation at the bottom of this page. You will be contacted quickly by our team to choose the day and time of your consultation. 


How much does it cost?
We have several packages for our online consultations, if you need a more specific consultation, do not hesitate to explain to us exactly your needs so that we can make an assessment and help you quickly.

A 30-minute consultation: $55
A 60-minute consultation: $80 

What to prepare?
You must have a webcam and a microphone. If you are in your stable during the consultation, we strongly recommend having a wireless helmet to be able to have freedom of movement. If you cannot be with your horse during your consultation with adequate equipment, please prepare videos of yourself handling or riding your horse to allow us to properly analyze the situation.

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