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Testimony of Danielle and Serge - Écurie Laitoibleu

My wife and I have combined our passions by uniting our destinies: caring for problem horses and producing the best hay possible.

It was in 1992, at our boarding stable, that we began to receive racehorses who needed rest and special care, and by extension horses with breathing difficulties.

With a constant concern for improvement, we have decided to standardize our hay by mixing quality bales of different fibers (young hay and mature hay)

Seeing the dust rising from the fodder mixture, it became clear to us that we had to find a way to eliminate it.

This is how, thanks to a process allowing the mixing of several types of forage associated with the addition of soybean oil, we have seen our dusty hay turn into soft and uniform hay close to the texture of pasture.

We started by giving this hay to our horses; What was our surprise to see their hair become more lustrous and their big bellies of hay disappear!

Quickly, the residents asked that their horses also be fed with the famous hay. The effects were the same.

On the strength of these results, we went so far as to give it to horses struggling with lung problems...

The astounding results prompted us to seek out horses that had been diagnosed with severe breath from horse giving websites. Each time we noted the normalization of the respiratory function in only a few days, until the complete disappearance of the symptoms.

Since 2008, we have changed the way we feed the 65 horses in our stable. Many of them arrived with serious health problems but all are doing wonderfully today and none have had another crisis (much to the delight of our veterinarians!). Here is what we have noticed over the past eight years:

  • complete disappearance of mild to severe murmur symptoms;

  • complete disappearance of colic;

  • disappearance of cases of laminitis;

  • a glossy coat all year round;

  • great energy at work;


Now we can go several months without hearing a horse cough and our fears of colic have disappeared. One thing is certain, I no longer see hay the same way!

Serge Guay

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