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The history of Pepsi


Pepsi lung problems began in March 2015 after several years of small, sporadic coughs at the start of labor. During his first real asthma attack, we immediately contacted a veterinarian and began medication with anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, Respi-Free, glycerin, Herb for Horse, camelina oil. Name them all, I haveve tried them all! Despite all the treatments and good will, the clinical signs never disappeared. Pepsi was still having difficulty breathing. He presented with a cough at rest.

In the fall of 2015, we went to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of St-Hyacinthe to finally have a clear diagnosis. 

Pepsi was indeed suffering from hiss. The recommendations were clear: Pepsi should no longer eat hay, he should live outdoors and take Ventolin pumps and cortisone for the rest of his life to control his seizures.

It was with a heavy heart that we removed the hay and replaced it with alfalfa cubes. I had to go to the stable every day to administer his push-ups. It was costing me a real fortune!

Despite my best efforts, Pepsi's health was not stabilizing. I could see that my horse was suffering from his restricted diet.

In April 2016, at the end of my financial resources and discouraged to see my horse like this, I made the decision to trust Danielle and Serge and their Nutri-Foin. After two months on Nutri-Foin Pepsi returned to a normal life. He lives outside with his friends. He hasn't picked up a single pump puff since! I work him regularly and no longer worry about hearing him cough. He is now in great shape and enjoys a good life as a horse!

Here is the diagnosis of the exams to pass in August 2016:

Resolution of pulmonary inflammation diagnosed in September 2015: presence of a normal amount of neutrophils in his bronchoalveolar lavage (5%, formerly 12%) and absence of mast cells (formerly 4%)


The product that Danielle and Serge have developed is exceptional and has changed my life as well as that of my horse! I can't thank them enough for giving me back my healthy Pepsi! Nutri-Foin makes the difference!

Anne-Charlotte Brust

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