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  • How long will it take to see results on my horse?
    Results are fast. You can expect your horse to stop coughing within two weeks of starting Nutri-Foin.
  • How do I introduce Nutri-Foin into my horse's diet?
    At first the horse eats Nutri-Foin gently because there is a change in smell but after three to four days the horse gets used to it and eat normally.
  • Will my horse's hay consumption change after introducing Nutri-Foin?
    Your horse will consume less hay in the first three or four days after starting Nutri-Foin due to its different smell. Your horse's consumption will normalize after getting used to the smell.
  • I started the Nutri-Foin and my horse does not eat it much. Why?
    Because the stem of the hay is broken, it is more digestible. The horse is therefore satiated more quickly.
  • Can my horse eat untreated hay outdoors?
    For a horse fed Nutri-Foin, it is not recommended to feed it dry untreated hay.
  • My horse suffers from COPD (breath) but cannot stand the cold outdoors. Can he stay in the box on the Nutri-Foin?
    Yes with a nice dust-free ripe and in an airy stable.
  • My horse suffers from laminitis. Is there a danger in feeding it with Nutri-Foin?
    No, as long as your hay is low in sugar.
  • I go to competition. How to bring treated hay?
    It is possible to put it in bags or bins.
  • I'm going on vacation and I want to prepare the hay in advance. Does it keep? And how long can it be stored?
    Yes, it is possible to prepare the Nutri-Foin in advance as long as it is not in contact with water or in direct sunlight.< /span>
  • Is it normal that my horse on the Nutri-Foin has lost its hay belly? Why?
    Yes, because regular hay is more difficult to digest. Nutri-Foin is highly digestible. That's why it can feel like it's deflating.
  • I have very poor first cut hay and too rich second cut hay. What can I do?
    You can mix the two together which will give a balanced hay.
  • I received a trip of hay that was a bit dusty but with no visible mold. Can the Nutri-Foin machine treat it?
    Yes. For extremely dusty hay, we recommend adding a little more neutralizer to neutralize this dust.
  • My horse is prone to colic or diarrhea with every hay transition. Can Nutri-Foin help me?
    Yes, because Nutri-Foin is highly digestible given the quality of the stalk. You can also easily mix the two batches of hay.
  • My old horse is having trouble feeding. Can Nutri-Foin help?
    Yes because the stem is broken, so the hay will be much easier to ingest and digest.
  • Can Nutri-Foin be served all you can eat?
    Yes, no problem.
  • How can Nutri-Foin be served outdoors?
    You can serve it in tubs, feeders, or just on dirt or stone ground. Never serve on sandy soil.
  • How do you transition from last year's hay to this year's hay smoothly?
    You can make a smooth transition by mixing the two hays together gradually in the Nutri-Hay machine over a two-week period.
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